Other Absentee Ballot Services

Special absentee balloting procedures are available to voters in hospital or health-care facilities. Call Le Sueur County Election Officials at 507-357-2251 for additional information.

Permanent Absentee Ballot Status

This status is reserved for those voters who will permanently not be able to go to their polling locations due to physical reasons. The voter applies to be on a list of voters who are automatically sent an application prior to each election cycle. A voter must return the completed application to receive a ballot.

Ongoing Absentee Ballot Status

A voter is allowed to apply for ongoing status if absence from the precinct is not a 1-time occurrence. This requires that the elections office send an absentee application to the voter prior to each election cycle. A voter must return the completed application to receive a ballot.

Military and/or Overseas Voters

Absentee voting procedures are available for members of the military service (including spouses and dependents) and voters residing outside the United States. Voters are advised to allow plenty of time for this process. Contact the Le Sueur County Elections Office at 507-357-2251 for further information on this process or see the Minnesota Secretary of State's Military/Overseas Voting information.

Delivery of Absentee Ballots by Others

The following voters may authorize an agent to pick up and return the absentee ballots (only during the 7 days prior to an election):

  • Patients in hospitals, residential treatment centers and nursing homes
  • Residents of group homes
  • Residents of battered women's shelters
  • Residents of assisted living facilities
  • Voters who are disabled
  • Voters who would have difficulty getting to the polls because of incapacitating health reasons

If you are currently living in a residential facility but not sure if it meets the qualifications listed above, please ask the administrator of your facility.

In order to have an agent deliver your ballot, you must complete the Request for Agent Delivery of Absentee Ballot Form and the Absentee Ballot Application. You must have a pre-existing relationship with your agent. The agent will use the completed forms to pick up a ballot, bring the ballot to you and return your completed ballot to Le Sueur County Election Officials. Each agent is only allowed to deliver and return ballots for a maximum of 3 voters. This activity may only occur the 7 days preceding an election. Ballots can be picked up until 2 p.m. on Election Day, and completed ballots must be returned by 3 p.m. on Election Day.

For an overview of how agent delivery works, view the Agent Delivery Process Flowchart.

Voters can check the status of a ballot on Minnesota Votes website.