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Commission Application

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    I am interested in serving on the following commission (if you have an interest in more than one commission, you may rank your choices).

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  3. Commission Membership

    The City Council will not consider applications from City of Le Sueur employees, paid-on-call firefighters or contractors if appointment could cause a conflict of interest.

  4. Conflicts of Interest

    No commissioner shall: 1) Enter into any contract with the City unless otherwise authorized by law. 2) Use of their position to secure any special privilege or exemption for themselves or others. 3) Use their office or otherwise act in any manner which would give the appearance of or result in any impropriety or conflict of interest.

  5. Background Check*

    The City of Le Sueur will conduct background checks on all new board and commission members. By clicking this checkbox, you are authorizing the City of Le Sueur to complete a background check.

    DATA PRIVACY NOTICE: Minnesota law requires that you be informed of the purposes and intended uses of the information you are providing on this application. Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13.601, your name, city of residence, employment history, volunteer work, awards and honors are public data and is available to anyone who requests the information. The data that you give us about yourself is also needed to identify you and assist in determining your suitability for the commission(s) for which you are applying. This data is not legally required, but refusal to supply the information requested may affect the City Council’s ability to evaluate your application. Should you be appointed to serve on a board or commission, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13.601, your residential address and either a telephone number or electronic mail address (or both) where you can be reached also become public information. I have read and understand the data privacy information given above and authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application as may be necessary to arrive at an appointment decision. I certify that all answers given here are true, and I understand that any false information on or omission of information from this application will be cause for rejection of this application.
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