Private Property

Property Damage

Snow plowing and ice control operations can cause property damage even under the best of circumstances and care on the part of the operators. The major types of damage are to improvements in the City right-of-way which extends approximately 10 to 15 feet beyond the curb location.

The intent of the right-of-way is to provide room for snow storage, utilities, sidewalks and other City uses. However, certain private improvements such as mailboxes are required within this area. Therefore, the City will cooperate with the property owner to determine if the damage is the responsibility of the City and when it shall be the responsibility of the resident.


The City accepts responsibility for mailboxes which are allowed to be placed in the road right-of-way, if the mailbox location and construction complies with recommended City standards and the damage is by physically being struck by a plow blade, wing, or other piece of equipment. Mailboxes should be constructed sturdily enough to withstand snow rolling off a plow or a wing. Therefore, damage resulting from snow is the responsibility of the resident. The City will repair or replace mailboxes in those instances where the City is responsible for the damage.

Fences, Trees & Other Structures

Damage to fences, trees or other structures will be repaired or replaced by the City if they are on private property. Lawns that are scraped or gouged by City equipment will be repaired by top dressing and seeding the following spring. Residents are requested to assist by watering the areas that are repaired.


Landscaping, including nursery and inanimate materials that are installed or encroach on City owned right-of-way are the responsibility of the property owner and assumes all risk of damage. The City will assume no responsibility for damages incurred as the result of snow removal and ice control activities. The City will assume no responsibility for damage to underground lawn sprinkling systems, exterior lighting systems, and similar landscaping installed in City owned right-of-way.

In instances where there is disagreement as to the source of the damage and the responsibility therefore, the Public Works Director and/or Police Department shall determine the responsibility.


One of the most frequent and most irritable problems in removal of snow from public streets is the snow deposited in driveways during plowing operations. Snow being accumulated on the plow blade has no place to go but in the driveway. The driver's make every attempt to minimize the amount of snow deposited in driveways, but the amount can still be significant.

Based on priorities and staffing level, City personnel do not provide driveway cleaning. Possible exceptions are at the discretion of the supervisor for emergency situations.