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Project Update: September 22, 2016

What’s Next?

Please join us at Le Sueur City Hall for an Open House on October 17, 2016 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm to engage in a one-on-one or small group discussion about the draft plan.  Members of the consulting team, city staff and working group will be on hand to answer questions and take comments on the draft materials.  The open house is scheduled for two hours to accommodate varying end of day schedules and avoid evening activities.  Come when it fits your schedule.

What's Next After the Open House

Following the open house meeting, the City Planning Commission will hold an official public hearing to take formal comment on the plan and to offer a recommendation to the City Council.  Comments received at the open house and through online comments will be included in the official record at the Planning Commission public hearing.  This recommendation will be passed on to the City Council.  Depending on the comments received during the public review process, the City Council will consider adopting the final plan document at its next meeting following the public hearing or shortly thereafter.  We will post notice of that meeting on the website.

Draft Plan Available for Review

The City of Le Sueur has completed its first full draft of the comprehensive plan.  This draft plan has been prepared with the assistance of community input, which was provided through public meetings and survey mechanisms facilitated over the last year.  In total, we have received nearly 800 pieces of input to this DRAFT of the plan.  It is “comprehensive” as the title suggests, yet focused on the future growth of Le Sueur.

We have provided both a full version of the document and supporting background information (fact book) in a high resolution print ready format.  We also have provided a chapter by chapter version of the plan document in lower resolution (web ready format) to facilitate more efficient downloading.  Please be aware of connection speeds when downloading files.

PowerPoint Summary Presentation [1.8MB]

Full Draft Plan Document [20.5 MB]
Full Draft Factbook [8.6 MB]
Executive Summary [2.1 MB]

The following are lower resolution documents to faciltate easier downloading or browsing

Full Draft Plan Document (Reduced) [7.4 MB]
Full Draft Factbook (Reduced) [2.8 MB]
Cover & Table of Contents [1.5 MB]
01 Introduction [0.4 MB]
02 Community Context [0.8 MB]
03 Vision & Guiding Principles [0.6 MB]
04 Master Plan [3.0 MB]
05 Implementation [2.8 MB]

A hard copy of the plan document is available from the Resource Desk at the Le Sueur Public Library and can be reviewed on site.

Comments are Welcome!

Please forward any comments on the plan via email to with “Le Sueur” in the subject line.  You may also provide written comments to City Hall administration at City Hall.  In your comments, please note any specific page number, goal, policy, strategy or action plan that your comment is in reference to.  Finally, you may provide comments through survey monkey via the following link.  Please provide all comments by Friday, October 14th or bring them to the meeting on October 17th.

This is an exciting time to be a part of Le Sueur’s history.  Together, we are shaping the future of our City and making it an even better place to live!


   The City of Le Sueur is beginning the process to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan; a long-range plan that will help define and guide the future of our community.  The City last prepared a comprehensive plan in 1965.  What is a Comprehensive Plan?

To help prepare this plan, the City has hired a professional consulting team with years of experience facilitating community planning processes and preparing comprehensive plans.

What’s New

   We will post information on this page as various elements of the comprehensive plan are completed in draft form.  We will be announcing availability of materials through the City’s Facebook page, Twitter account, newsletters and other various city communication channels.  Please check back frequently for further information.  The project is anticipated to be completed by late summer or early fall 2016.  We will update our website on a monthly basis as we progress through the process. Please contact Jenelle Teppen, City Administrator at (507) 593-8311 or with any questions.