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8/11/14 City Council Special Meeting Highlights

  • A motion was made recommending that the Water Access Charge and Sewer Access Charge (WAC/SAC) remain as is and charges for Cambria remain in tact.
  • A resolution was adopted authorizing the invoicing of Cambria for actual water/wastewater infrastructure costs incurred as a result of the expansion of their facility.
  • City Administrator, Jenelle Teppen, outlined the existing sidewalk reconstruction program.
  • A Resolution was adopted authorizing the issuance of a Gross Revenue Recreation Bond, Series 2014A.
  • Eric Saugen, a South Main Street business owner addressed the Council regarding the MarketFest.
  • The sealcoating bid was awarded to Pearson Bros. Inc.
  • The council approved in general terms an inter fund loan in order to make the August 2014 principal & interest payment to the Public Finance Authority (PFA) on the G.O. Sewer Note of 2007.


Le Sueur Transit will be offering bus service this Saturday, August 23rd for the Squeals & Wheels Festival.  Bus will run 4:00pm - 1:30am.  Service in City Limits Only.  Sponsored by The Bar & Macs Green Mill.


City Council Meeting Materials

    Utility Customers:
    In June, the City switched to a new utility billing system. At the request of our software vendor, we moved all of the information to our new system on June 13th, along with all current electric and water meter readings. In order to facilitate this software change we needed to have the meter readings done earlier than normal. As a result, many utility customers saw bills in June with shorter read times and are now seeing bills in July with longer read times. Due to the varying read times and high summer temperatures, many of you are now experiencing higher than normal bills.
    We are making every effort to get readings back on schedule and apologize for the hardship this causes. We ask for your continued patience as we get this running efficiently. Thank you.