2019 TAP Sidewalk Project

Project Details


Work includes replacement of, sidewalk, driveway aprons, bituminous surfacing, concrete curb and gutter and surface restoration (project area map, can be found in the following information).

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Project Documents

NEW Proposed Project Staging Map (PDF)

Project Area Map (PDF)

2019 Sidewalk Project Construction Plans (PDF)

Project Area Graphics (PDF)

Contact Information

Questions about this project?  Contact Rich Kucera at rkucera@cityoflesueur.com or (507) 593-8370

Project Update 11/01/19:

Construction on the project is essentially complete with the exception of a few signs that need to be installed. Seeding and hydromulch are done and tree planting will be completed today. Seeding will be evaluated in the spring & any necessary rework will be done at that time.

Project Update 10/28/19:

Concrete installation is complete.  Crews are working on paving intersections and plan to have most of them opened today.  A few intersections will still be closed after today, including North 5th and Dexter.  Tree planting is planned for Wednesday along with seeding work this week as well.

Project Update 10/25/19:

Concrete installation on the project will be complete either today or Monday, weather permitting. There are some minor areas of bituminous patching to be completed early next week, along with topsoil placement.  Signage and tree planting are anticipated to be done next week, with turf restoration the following week.

Project Update 10/25/19:

Sidewalk Project Update/Temporary Road Closures:
Roadway closures are planned today to correct areas of poor roadway drainage observed within the project area. The proposed work will consist of concrete valley gutters and bituminous patching. The intersections that will be affected are as follows:
• North 5th St. & Bridge St.: South side of intersection
• North 5th St. & Swan St.: West side of intersection
• North 5th St. & Dexter St.: South side of intersection
• North 4th St. & Oak St.: South side of intersection
• South 5th St. & Risedorph St.: North side of intersection

Based on proximity to the elementary school, contractors will work on Swan St. first and then move to Dexter to keep one intersection open at all times.

Questions may be directed to Cory Bienfang, City of Le Sueur Engineer at 507-995-2936.

Project Update 10/21/19:

Bituminous patching finished in the intersections on Saturday and most of the mainline sidewalk is complete. The most lengthy segment remaining is the south side of Bridge Street, between 4th and 5th Streets.  There are some minor sidewalk fill-in and driveway segments that still need to be completed.

Concrete work should be complete by the end of the day Tuesday, weather permitting.  Topsoil and tree planting work will be completed this week, weather permitting.  Seeding will be completed in early November.

Project Update 10/11/19:

Concrete crews have completed the walk on 4th Street with the exception of some minor areas.  They are now working in the South 5th Street area between Risedorph & Bridge Street.  Sidewalk and driveways in that area should be complete by the end of next Tuesday, weather permitting.

Crews are planning to do bituminous street patches at some of the intersections mid-week.  They will concentrate on concrete work on 5th Street between Bridge & Swan later in the week, while school is not in session for MEA.  Crews are also beginning topsoil work in the areas where the sidewalk is complete.

Project Update 10/04/19:

A couple of rain days slowed progress, but crews were able to get the east side of 4th Street completed this week. The east side of 5th Street is complete from Risedorph to Bridge Street, with the exception of driveway aprons and minor fill-in pours.  Fifth Street from Swan to 4th was formed & prepped today.  That area should be poured by the end of Monday.

Next week, crews will be doing removals, prep work, and pouring walk on the west side of 4th, working south from Ferry Street.  Residents will receive advance notice before the driveways are removed.

Project Update 9/27/19:

The first week of construction is completed with most of the sidewalk done in the Phase 1 area (east side of 4th St.).  The crew will be filling in some small areas at the pedestrian ramps and pouring driveway aprons on Monday, weather permitting.

Crews will be moving into Phase 2 (east side of 5th Street) with removals, setting forms, and pouring sidewalk.  The project team will be coordinating with the school for activities in that area, with some work next week and the rest waiting until MEA.  If progress is good next week, crews may move into Phase 3 with with removals on the west side of 4th Street.

The crew will be notifying residents in advance regarding any changes in driveway access.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process! 

Project Update 9/13/19:

Construction will begin the week of September 23rd.

Project Update 9/05/19:

Tree removal will begin the week of September 16th.  There will be an Open House on September 12 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm at the Le Sueur Fire Hall (950 Kingsway Dr.).  There will not be a formal presentation, but this is an opportunity to share any comments or concerns.

Project Update 7/11/19:

Project is out for bids.  Bids are due to the Le Sueur County Auditor-Treasurer by July 30, 2019 @ 10:00am.  View the Advertisement for Bids (PDF).

Project Area Map

2019 Sidewalk Project Map