2018 Ballot

The Minnesota Secretary of State’s My Ballot website allows voters to research the candidates and questions that will be on their ballots, in addition to the following:
  • A polling place finder that provides voters the address for the polling place where they can cast their ballots on Election Day.
  • A sample ballot of the type that will be used locally on November 6th.
  • Online information explaining the process for applying for and casting an absentee ballot if a voter is unable to go to the polling place on Election Day.
  • An explanation of voter registration procedures and a link to information about the status of the voter's own registration and the deadline for voters to register or re-register if they have moved since the last time they voted.
There are three (3) upcoming vacancies on City Council.  Candidates who have filed for open seats are:
  • Shawn Kirby
  • Newell Krogmann
  • Torry Machtemes
  • Ron Morrill
  • Ryan Scherer
  • Marvin Sullivan

2018 Sample Ballot

Click here to view Le Sueur's Sample Ballot