Mailbox Installation Policy

You must call Gopher State One Call at 800-252-1166 before you do any digging.  Why?  City right-of-ways are the areas provided for the placement of many public utilities, including: electric, gas, phone, water, sewer, and cable TV services.

Placement Standards

Do not attach to utility poles or other public utility structures.  A minimum of 12 feet in all directions from fire hydrants must be maintained.

Mailboxes which are set back a minimum of six inches from the gutter cannot be struck by plowing equipment.  All supports must be of sufficient strength to withstand the pressure of snow being pushed against them and constructed of material that will not quickly deteriorate, like treated lumber and iron.  Mailboxes must be maintained so they will withstand all weather conditions.

Snow must be removed by the postal patron.  The City of Le Sueur will assume no fault for hitting a curbside mailbox during snow removal procedures.