Hangar Construction Policy

The following is a guide to persons contemplating the construction of a private aircraft hangar at the Le Sueur Municipal Airport.

  • Contact the Le Sueur Public Services Director to determine available sites for your hangar. The Public Services Director has a map of the potential hangar sites as well as copies of the standard leases.
  • Select a 1st and 2nd choice for a building site. All sites in the upper hangar area are designated as 50 by 50-foot with a 12-foot rear distance to the next hangar and a 12-foot inside distance to the next hangar with a 20-foot outside set back to the next hangar. Hangar sites will be rented on a 2,500 square foot basis (50 by 50 feet). Hangars on these sites have a maximum size of 50 by 50 foot per site, smaller buildings may be constructed though the land lease will be for the 50 by 50-foot site. Larger buildings may be constructed but would require the leasing of two 50 by 50 sites. You will be responsible for the any site preparation, the cost of any apron extension, and landscaping.
  • Send a letter requesting an airport land lease to the Public Services Director. Your letter should contain a sketch of your proposed floor plan as well as your first and second choice of available sites. Make sure that you state in your letter the type of construction to be used as well as a proposed construction schedule. The Public Services Director will review your request and recommend a site to the Airport Commission at their next meeting.
  • If the Airport Commission approves your request, you will be required to sign a standard lease agreement.
  • After the Airport commission approves the lease, you will then need to provide the City Clerk with a copy of your building permit from the City of Le Sueur prior to starting construction on your hangar.
  • In order to obtain a building permit you must provide the Le Sueur Building Inspector with the following:
    • A completed Building Permit Application and 2 sets of plans showing floor plans, elevations, wall sections (including footings), Engineer spec sheet for roof.
    • You are reminded that no outside storage of equipment, vehicles or airplanes is permitted on your leased property except for materials and equipment used for the construction of the hangar itself.
    • The lease terms are normally for 3 years, however, the City reserves the right to cancel your lease within 30 days written notice if satisfactory progress is not made toward the construction of your hangar.
    • Only new materials are to be used in the construction of your hangar unless otherwise approved by the Airport Commission in writing.

If you have any questions, please call Public Services Director Rich Kucera at 507-665-6401.

Airport Building Requirements

  • The main hangar doors shall not protrude laterally from the hangar.
  • A hangars length or width shall not exceed the other by 20 feet.
  • Plans and specifications must be approved by the City of Le Sueur Building Inspector.
  • The lessee shall construct an entrance pad in front of the hangar keeping it level with the surrounding ground.
  • Heated hangars shall be connected to natural gas lines where available.
  • The construction of a hangar building shall be of the stud wall, pole barn, or steel frame construction with painted steel side walls and roof. Roof pitch angles shall be maintained at a minimum of a 4:12 ratio.
  • Hangars shall be at least 40 by 30 feet in size.

Main Hangar Door Sizing Requirements

Floor Space of Hangar Building
Door Width Clear Opening
Door Height Clear Opening
1,200 Square Feet Minimum - 1,600 Square Feet
36 Feet
12 Feet
1,601 Square Feet - 4,000 Square Feet
40 Feet
12 Feet
Over 4,000 Square Feet
75 Feet
18 Feet