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Police / Reserve

What We Do

The Le Sueur Police Department, along with the Fire Department and Ambulance Department, provides the public safety element for our city. The Department's overall role is to take whatever actions are necessary to preserve law and order, to protect life and property, to enforce laws and ordinances, and, in general, respond to any emergency situation.

Police Officers are certified "First Responders". When an emergency call comes to the Dispatch Center, Police Officers are usually first on the scene. If the situation involves personal life-threatening situation (i.e., potential heart attack, car or other accident), Officers are trained in, and carry equipment for, basic first aid measures. Their "first response" can frequently sustain life until the ambulance and staff can arrive.

Other basic services include:

  • Proactive police patrol
  • Traffic law enforcement
  • City codes enforcement
  • Criminal investigations
  • 911 Response
  • Crime prevention programs for residents and businesses
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Curfew for children under 16 is 10:00pm on school nights, and 10:30pm on non-school nights.  Curfew for children between 16 and under the age of 18 yrs. old is 10:30pm on school nights and Midnight on non-school nights.  Please click the link, below, to view our curfew ordinance:

Curfew Ordinance

How We Do It
Staff & Equipment:

Currently, the Le Sueur Police Department employs seven full time police officers and five part-time officers (who are, however, full-time licensed officers), plus an administrative assistant.

The Department operates three squad cars and a complete range of necessary equipment.  Personal computers are used for a variety of tasks and operations. "First Responder" equipment includes necessary medical equipment, including oxygen tanks, as well as heart defibrillators.

The Department sponsors, and works closely with, the Police Reserve Program staff members (usually between 15 - 20 members). Reservists are volunteers who are interested in serving the community of Le Sueur, reside within the city of Le Sueur or immediate surroundings area.

Educational Services:

The Le Sueur Police Department offers a wide range of educational programs for the community. They believe citizen and student education is an important part of helping keep a community safe. Officers are available to civic and other groups and frequently present programs such as:

  • Senior Safety
  • Safe and Sober
How You Can Help
Be Alert:

A safe community is one in which all citizens stay aware and alert to their surroundings. Especially today, citizens need to watch out for one another. If you see something you think is "unusual" or "out of the ordinary", do not hesitate to call the Police Department. We would rather check out something that turns out to be "O.K.", than to miss something because a citizen "did not want to bother the Police" about it.


If you are 21 years of age or older, live in or around the City of Le Sueur, and are interested in helping the Le Sueur Police Department in a variety of ways, consider joining the Police Reserve Program. You'll take part in civic and community functions, provide assistance to Police Officers, and serve your community in times of crisis.