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Community Center


As 2014 starts coming to a close, so does a majority of our roof project work at the Le Sueur Community Center.  It’s been a long few months, but it’s been worth the wait.  Here are a few updates on our progress.

  • Besides some minor detail work, the roof over the Ice arena and the Community Center are completed.  The front and east offices also received new roofs along with the Zamboni garage in the back of the facility.
  • All structural improvements were completed in September.  
  • The new fire sprinkler system is nearly finished with a completion date set within the next week.
  • The inside of the ice arena was painted (it’s amazing what paint can do!)
  • The dehumidification unit for the ice arena was installed in October.
  • New bleachers were built on the main level and team benches moved to the east side of the ice rink.  Spectators now have a better experience watching our Bulldog Hockey teams. 
  • An additional set of double doors and two large windows were installed in the back hallway to enter the ice arena.  Spectators will now come through those doors on the main level to access the bleachers.
  • The Merrick Room received a fresh coat of paint. The new exercise floor will be completed by mid-February.
  • The new fitness room on the 2nd level will be completed by mid-January.

 Remaining Projects to be done in the Spring:

  • The new rubber matting that will be installed around the ice rink.
  • A new BULLDOG logo will be placed above the new team benches along the wall.
  • The bleachers and the exterior of the new fitness room will be painted.
  • The roof drainage system will be installed.

We thank you for your patience during the construction process!

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