The Le Sueur Electric Utility Department has been providing the City of Le Sueur with safe, efficient, electric power since the early 1900’s. For many years, the City of Le Sueur owned and operated its own power generating system. But, eventually, the systems became outdated and inefficient.

In 1992, the Le Sueur Electric Utility joined with 10 other Minnesota Cities, to purchase, distribute, and resell wholesale power (Minnesota Municipal Power Agency - MMPA). This group's buying strategy enables negotiating/contracting for purchasing electric power at the best rates possible.

Equipment, Staff & Administration

To provide electric power, we:

  • Construct and maintain the underground and overhead distribution system* that feeds power to homes and businesses, and
  • Administer the purchase of electric power from the most cost-effective sources through our purchasing group, a consortium of 8 Minnesota Cities. (MMPA)

The owner is responsible for construction and maintenance of the power line from the lot’s corner to the home or business if that line is underground:

  • In newer residential areas, electric lines are constructed underground
  • In older areas, overhead electric lines are strung to the home/business
  • Installing Fencing or Landscaping around a transformer? Check out our guide (PDF).

Rate Information

2023 Electric Rate Schedule

Other Services & Benefits

The Electric Fund annually transfers a percentage of its funds into the City of Le Sueur General Fund to help reduce City taxes. We provide education and strategies to help citizens reduce electric power usage and support alternative energy sources.

Light Bulb Disposal Guide (PDF)

Clean Energy Choice

Residential utility customers have the option to serve more of their homes’ electricity usage from renewable sources for only a few extra dollars per month.

This program benefits our customers by providing a predictable, low-cost alternative to choosing renewable energy. Customers have the satisfaction of benefiting our environment with participation in this eco-friendly, clean-energy choice.

Program Fees

The following are all flat rates that would be included in monthly utility bills:

  • 50% of electricity from renewables: $1.00/month flat fee
  • 75% of electricity from renewables: $2.00/month flat fee
  • 100% of electricity from renewables: $3.00/month flat fee


Customers can sign-up simply by visiting our Clean Energy Choice page. There is no commitment to this program and it can easily be cancelled at any time by contacting City Hall.

For more information, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, visit the Clean Energy Choice website.

Light Bulb Disposal Guide